A Very Hoppy Announcement!

You've probably noticed that it's been a little quiet around these parts lately. I promise that I have a wonderful reason to explain my hiatus...

Baby Rush # 2 is expected to arrive in October! I still cannot believe I get to type these words again. I promise I will update with more information soon!


Nuby Non-Drip Standard Neck Bottle Review

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I am going to reviewing another one of favorite Nuby products, the Non-Drip Standard Neck Bottle :)

Actually, Jonah has not used a bottle since a week or two before Christmas, but I came across these photos the other day, and the memory of bottles came flooding back :) We tried A LOT of bottles with Jonah. Luckily, he was NOT picky and basically took anything we gave him. We tried Tommee Tippees, Dr. Brown's (oh, the pieces), Nuk, Nuby, Coma Toma, Playtex...like I said, we tried them ALL!

These bottles were definitely in our top three. Like the name of the bottle says, they don't drip, and it is amazing :) Jonah loved these because of the little rubber grippers near the base of the nipple, especially while he was teething. There are not a ton of pieces, and they travel well.

These bottles are great because they are so versatile! They are recommended for babies 0 + months (Jonah was 10 months old when these photos were taken.) They can hold up to 11 ounces, and the special non-drip nipple design features an anti-colic valve to reduce the risk of colic. They are also BPA free! :)

The shape of the bottle is also a huge PLUS, because it made them especially easy for Jonah to hold. We will definitely be using these again when Baby # 2 comes along...we loved them that much! :)

About Nuby
At Nuby, we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple, and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends, and continual product developments help us bring parents everything they need for their baby's development. Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest, and most simple choices for you and your baby.

Where to Buy
You can find the Non-Drip Standard Neck Bottles at Sears, Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory, Cookies Kids, and Ideal Baby.

Connect with Nuby
Follow Nuby on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated and to find out more about their wonderful products. You can also check out the Nuby Website.

My 52 Project: 7/52 and 8/52

It sure has been awhile...but it feels good to sit down and dust the cobwebs off of the keyboard :) If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that our little Jonah was hospitalized last week for 6 days due to RSV. Those were the scariest 6 days of my life. We went into the hospital on Wednesday evening, February 12th, and were not released until Tuesday, February 18th. Jonah has been improving daily. I'm so happy to say that he is 100% back to his normal adorable self :) His follow-up appointment was yesterday, and his oxygen was back up to 99% which means NO MORE BREATHING TREATMENTS! It's hard to hold a toddler still for 15 minutes while trying to blow as many vapors into their little face as possible. We're ALL happy that the nebulizer can be put away. Hopefully we don't need to get it out again for a long while :) Needless to say, I didn't exactly have my DSLR with me in the hospital. This picture was snapped on my iPhone and the look on his face still haunts me. He was so scared and definitely not himself. We're so thankful that he is feeling better and Mr. Spunky again!

For week number 8, this photo is perfection :) Now that J is feeling better, he is back to climbing on everything and being the little dare devil he is! The remote control doesn't leave his hands these days. It's probably his favorite toy. Nevermind the thousands of toys he has collecting dust in the corner...the remote control is the best toy in the world :)

Thanks for sticking around despite my short hiatus. I hope to be back to regular posting this week!


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